The Belfast Ma: Away Play Around Your Own Door

Odyssey Cinemas September 2020

A new one woman comedy written by Tom Rowntree-Finlay and Thomas McCorry

Produced  by Gambit Theatre Company

Starring Paul Nugent


The Belfast Ma: Away Play Around Your Own Door is a one woman comedy show starring TIK TOK sensation Paul Nugent. The LIVE Theatre show, performed in front of the cinema screen in the Odyssey Cinemas Belfast, will tell the story of a wee Belfast Street. The people, the secrets, the craic, the neighbours, the families, the husband and of course the bingo as seen from the eyes of wee Sarah 'Sadie' Devine.  

Sitting on her front step, having a wee feg and vodka; Sadie chats away to her neighbours Patricia, Theresa, Wee Ian, Big fat Maureen and Dirty Gerty, finding out all the biz of the day.

The Belfast Ma promises to be a show not to be missed as Sadie prepares the street to win 'The Best Wee Street In Belfast Competition' judged by none other than our favourite weatherman the infamous Barry Worst.

A hilarious comedy based on everyone's  Ma. 


Friday 18th September - Sunday 4th October 2020 

The LIVE Theatre show will be performed in front of the Cinema Screen 

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